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Fact Sheet 6 - Enhanced Open Space and Public Domain

This is the text of Fact Sheet 6 released on 30 August 2006 by the RWA.

The BEP has been amended to identify proposed open space areas including public open space, private open space and civic spaces.

The area commonly referred to as “Marian Street Park”, bounded by Gibbons Street and Rosehill Street, will be zoned ‘Public Recreation’ and the proposed maximum height limit of 18 storeys has been removed from the BEP. It is also proposed that the open space be dedicated to the Council of the City of Sydney, subject to adequate funding being committed to upgrade the park.

Other indicative locations of future and existing publicly accessible open space areas with the RWA’s strategic sites include:

  • A new civic space that will link the Town Centre and Redfern Railway Station and providing a focus for enterprise and activity.
  • Areas within North Eveleigh comprising around 15% of the total site.
  • Areas within the Australian Technology Park including tennis courts, playing fields and pedestrian/cycle walkways.
  • The zoning of the playing fields on the former Redfern Public School, comprising around 4,500 square metres, will be changed from ‘Special Uses’ to ‘Private Recreation’. The Indigenous Land Corporation, which is purchasing the site, has indicated that managed public access to the playing fields will be supported.
  • Land located at the Pitt Street frontage of the former Rachel Forster Hospital site, which is currently zoned ‘Special Uses – Hospital’.

You can download the original PDF Fact Sheet 6  (pdf~15kb)