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Fact Sheet 8 - Community Consultation on the Draft Built Environment Plan

This is the text of Fact Sheet 8 released on 30 August 2006 by the RWA.

The RWA undertook a comprehensive communication strategy to seek community and stakeholder input on the draft Plan.

This included advertising, information posted on the website, newsletters, information and feedback sessions, a community forum, presentations, briefings and residents meetings.

Key measures included:

  • Public exhibition of the Draft BEP and Draft SEPP for two months to April 14 2006.
  • 15,000 newsletters delivered to all residential dwellings within the RWA operational area advising of the draft BEP and SEPP and consultative arrangements.
  • 2,000 draft Plans distributed to stakeholders, key organisations and interest groups as well as members of the community.
  • A public meeting held March 4 2006 at Redfern Town Hall.
  • Daily Information/Feedback Sessions from 27 February to 10 March at the RWA offices, with additional information sessions held at the community’s request.
  • Special residents’ meetings, stakeholder briefings and interviews with local Aboriginal people.

You can download the original PDF Fact Sheet 8 (pdf~12kb)